Firereader V4



Ideal for documentation and quantification

  • Camera and optics
    • 1.6 Megapixels extendable to 5.5 megapixels / USB connection
    • 16-bit pixel depth (65 536 grey levels) / Dynamic range: 4.8 OD
    • Scientific CCD camera

    • Scientific grade camera with electronically variable shutter speed
      • Patent pending UVI-VIEW camera technology


    FireReader V4 1D software
    “One touch” fully automated image acquisition program
    Image enhancement, annotation and illustration.
    3 image analysis modules:
    – 1D Molecular weight (MW, volume, intensity, …)
    – Colony counting
    – Distance calculation (RF, IEF, …)

    • Transilluminator UV surface: 26×21 or 20x20cm
    • UV-PURE transilluminator or standard transilluminator.
    • Single or dual wavelength available
    • Manual or motorized zoom lens
    • UV to white light or UV to blue conversion screen
    • Advanced UVI-Band or UVI-BandMap software


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